Commercial –
for the application of sound energy efficiency principles for at least 12 months in the commercial sector, for instance, projects in hotels, shopping centers, businesses or hospitals etc. Click here to Nominate

Industrial – for the application of sound energy efficiency principles for at least 12 months in the industrial sector, for instance, projects at manufacturing plants, smelters, mines, etc Click here to Nominate

Government – for the best government initiative of the year Residential ~ for the application of sound energy efficiency principles for at least 12 months in the residential sector, such as people reducing their household consumption drastically or residential street lighting projects.Click here to Nominate

Women In Energy Award – This award is for a woman working in the energy sector whose achievements to date deserve special recognition.This category is open to women working in the Nigerian energy sector. Click here to Nominate

Energy champion category ~ aimed at individuals who have made a huge impact in terms of advocating or promoting energy efficiency. Click here to Nominate

Innovation In Energy Award – Award for the strongest overall demonstration of innovation in the Nigeria energy sector.This category is open to Nigerian energy sector organisations such as retailers, generators, network companies, pipeline owners, oil/gas explorers and producers and is being assessed for the last 12 months to 30 September 2017. Click here to Nominate

 Community Initiative of  The Year – Award for an outstanding initiative that has demonstrated wide-reaching benefits to both the organization and community involved. Click here to Nominate

Young Designers – aimed at school-going children with a creative idea, programme, design or prototype that looks at the efficient use of energy and not the generation of energy. Click here to Nominate

Energy Efficiency Awareness – aimed at media or communication managers within large corporates who have made an exceptional effort to promote energy efficiency to employees. Click here to Nominate

Young Energy Professional Of The Year Award for the standout professional aged under 40 in the Nigerian energy sector defined by their achievements for the 12 months or culmination of achievements up to that date. This category is open to all individuals working in the energy sector organisations. Click here to Nominate

Editor’s Award- The editor’s award for outstanding contribution to the sector will recognise an individual who has made a significant and long-term contribution to the Nigerian energy sector over a period of time.We do not accept nominations for this category, nor do we announce finalists, rather the recipient is chosen by the editor of Energy News and revealed on the night. Click here to Nominate